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Free and simple machine learning program

Lobe is a free utility application that allows you to make and personalize artificial intelligence models without composing any code. Developed by Microsoft, it performs this by supporting picture-grouping and arranging the images to a single label. The program has several applications;  it can perform as straightforward as you'd like or as complicated as advanced coding does.

A simplified AI program 

Lobe is an AI programming software that considers all users. By dispensing with the need to compose code or complex calculations, you can develop an AI program for your everyday life. The initial step is to take an assortment of pictures through its built-in photo booth. It permits you to take burst shots of your activity. At that point, it views the photographs and filters through its library of neural organization models

The next stage is to coordinate it with a model that is capable of processing the data set. It will, at that point, train the model based on the information you gave—making an AI model programmed to check pictures for your particular need or process. For this, Microsoft utilized AutoML which is another program that mechanizes parts and AI creation work processes. This lessens the time and cost needed to create an AI model. 

Microsoft's general objective with this software is to give a free and available AI instrument that any user can utilize. The program can serve any purpose or in any use cases, even if they have been solved by existing AI tools or not. A case of this program being used is actually in a commercial. For instance, a real firm had the option to build up an AI model that scans pictures of vehicles in online advertisements.

Most straightforward AI instrument 

Lobe is for any PC user who wants to customize an AI system into their life. Since the program doesn't rely on a cloud, it makes it less difficult and quicker for you to make your own AI program. Experienced programmers can likewise use this program as it supplements Azure AI's administrations for clients that need to use cloud computing capacities. Overall, this software is for anyone interested in dabbling with AI.


  • Machine learning tool via images
  • Categorizes images with one label
  • Utilizes AutoML system
  • Suitable for all user levels


  • Gathers data only via images


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Lobe beta for Mac


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