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A free machine learning program for all

Lobe is a free utility application that lets you create and customize artificial intelligence models without having to write any code for them. Created by Microsoft, it uses image classification and categorizes these images to a single label to generate the models. This software can be used for almost anything and can be used by any type of user who needs its functions.

A drag-and-drop AI program

Lobe is an AI software for the average user. By eliminating the need to write code or complex algorithms, you can curate an AI program for your day to day life. The first step is to take a collection of images through its built-in photo booth. It allows you to take several photographs in a single second, then it analyzes the photos and sifts through its library of neural network architectures

The next step is to match it with a suitable model for processing the data set. It will then train the model on the data you provided, creating an AI model optimized to scan images for the user’s specific item or procedure. Microsoft used AutoML for this step—another program that automates parts and machine learning creation workflow. However, its enterprise features were excluded here. This reduces the time and cost of an AI model. 

Microsoft’s overall goal with Lobe is to provide a free and accessible AI tool that any user can use. The program can be applied in any situation and can compete with the best of AI tools. An example of Lobe being used in real life is in advertising as an actual firm used the software to develop an AI model that scans images of vehicles in online ads.

Easiest machine learning tool

Lobe is for every desktop and laptop user that needs a personalized AI in their life. Since the program does not depend on cloud platforms, it makes it simpler and faster for you to create your own machine learning program. Experienced developers can also turn to this program as it complements Azure AI’s services for customers that want to leverage cloud-computing capabilities. Overall, the software is for any user who is working with machine learning software and techniques.


  • Suitable for all user levels
  • Categorizes images with one label
  • Machine learning tool via images
  • Utilizes AutoML system


  • Gathers data only via images


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